What It's Like

Client experience matters.  We are here to provide you and your organization with great marketing, PR and content advice and activation. We want to be your favorite marketing partner — the best company you do business with and, even better, a valued part of your team.  Here's what it's like to work with us.


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big right brain | Left Brain Thinking

We bring both analysis and lateral thinking to our clients.  Beyond our core team, we carefully curate the right mix of creative colleagues to fit your unique circumstances.  The result is that our clients benefit from a high quantity and quality of breakthrough marketing ideas generated.

Facilitation & synthesis

Our team includes high-ranking executive educators skilled at sparking critical thinking, challenging assumptions, drawing out input, sparking debate & resolving conflict.  We finding,  deciphering and distilling facts that help clients make the best possible decisions.



Collaborative Finesse

We are player-coaches who provide strategic guidance and coaching while providing hands-on collaboration to execute work and generate results.  We aim to transfer knowledge by demonstrating best practices in real-time while working alongside you and your colleagues.

Insider Access/Outsider Input

We become an embedded part of your marketing and leadership teams so we feel like insiders.  At the same time, we bring an enormous network of relationships and insights from outside your firm, your industry and your comfort zone.  We tap new ideas from diverse minds like academics, technologists, futurists & others beyond your typical line of sight

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Unfettered visibility | Rapid response

All work-in-process is available to our clients on-demand through our web-based project management system.  Of course, clients are able to reach us by e-mail, text or our personal cell phone numbers whenever needed.  We conduct bi-weekly (minimum) management team status updates with our clients to track projects in progress, explore new campaign ideas and review performance metrics.